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Dragon City is good designed game which provides  exciting and relaxing game at the same time. The main goal in this game is to create the most powerful dragons collection. Your role in the game is to breed dragons from the zero,  it is also main way to obtain additional dragons in the game. You can choose specific dragon which you will breed and you will get dragons modeled on parents. Also you can hatching dragon eggs and place them in the hatcherys where they will be taken care of until they become dragons. There are several types of dragons, but for the start it is best to start game with “Earth dragon” because he is able to generate gold really fast if we compare it with other dragons.

You can use your dragon for battles in two diffrent battle modes, Stadium fights and Combat world. The principle is clear, every dragon gets chance to attack and stronger one will win. It is clear that you must breed your dragon to be the best because every dragons  win, will get you gold and other items.  At most of cases the dragons with legendary status is the best at battles, so you can try them for your battles.

Same as every other game, this game have currencies. Currencies in this game are food, gold, gems and EXP.  You can get food at your farm, you will win gold at battles and you will be able to collect it from dragons habitat. Gems are real cash in game, and for example you will get one gem at every level up. To get level up you will need to collect enough EXP.

dragon city hack

What is Dragon City Hack?

As you probably know, it is pretty hard or better said impossible to get enough currencies in game for everything what you want. Everyone of us probably know that feeling when you urgently need more currencies to upgrade, or to buy something. In order to make this game easier to you, we have made this really powerful tool.

What I can get with Dragon City Hack?

This tool has a lot of integrated functions. Two of them are resource adder and safe system. Resoruces adder is used to add unlimited number of Food, Gold, Gems and even EXP. Safe system is here to protect you of being detected by game, it means that you are totally safe to use this tool because there is no chance to see from where you got your resources. So, with this tool you can add unlimited number of any kind resources like food, gold, gems, exp in your account immediately and for free.

Where I can get Dragon City Hack?

Currently we are able to provide limited amount of Dragon City Hack tools, so you must be fast. You can download it from our download page, or simply by clicking banner (image) at the top of this text. If there is available Dragon City Hack grab it right now, because a lot of other peoples will download it soon and you will not be able to download it. If there is no available tool right now, you should visit that page later.

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